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Hi, I'm Carolin

I'm an artist, teacher, and meaning seeker.


In my artwork I combine my love for nature, introspection and image making.

I've come to understand image-making as the unique discipline that invites us to combine shapes, lines and values in pursuit of honoring our subject matter, be it observed or imagined. Perplexingly, this very act opens the possibility to create meaning, and to deepen our understanding and experience of the world and ourselves within it.

Isn't that wild?!


I also enjoy nerding out about anatomy and fancy art supplies.


In 2018 I started Cura Studios, an art studio turned online educational company through which I teach intermediate artists how to truly master drawing so they can create the art they've always dreamed of creating.


I  believe artists are drivers of change and nurturers of human resilience and Cura Studios is my way to support this special community.

And because I practice what I preach I always have my own creative projects cooking.

I am a classically trained artist who has been teaching drawing and painting related classes since 2008 at art colleges, such as Laguna College of Art and Design and CSULB. I take enormous pride in having had the chance to assist hundreds of students in their artistic evolution and would be honored in supporting your growth, too.

Click here if you're interested in studying with me.

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